Excellent web design increases your businesses sales; it’s as simple as that. The goals and objectives of every website design in Newcastle are going to be slightly different; however, the success of a website is defined by how well it achieves the anticipated results for the individual business.

Effective web design marketing and a website that is going to have a return on investment for your business are so much more than a nice-looking page. At Hack Digital, a Newcastle based Digital Agency, we believe in function over form. That isn’t to say our sites aren’t beautifully designed (thanks to the help of our fantastic design team). Still, our primary focus for your website development and its design is to increase the businesses visibility in the digital world, which, as a result, generates leads for your business and works as a digital marketing asset. Your website is one of the most vital brand awareness tools your company has; therefore, it’s essential to get your digital marketing strategy right from the beginning. Your visitors which could turn into future customers will use your website as a way of assessing and meeting your business – and these same individuals will be quick to leave if your website does not match their expectations.

Hack Digital creates websites that are bespoke and innovative that will leave your visitors wanting more and wanting to get in touch to purchase your products or enquire about your services.

It takes strategy and years of expertise to create a web page and interface that takes your customers from merely landing on your page to take them through to either purchasing a product or requesting more information for the services you provide. This depth of knowledge and expertise is what our team has come to develop and understand, which is why it is an excellent choice looking into creating your website through our web design company in Newcastle, Hack Digital.

All of our web designs are produced right here in Newcastle (we’re into developing and continuing to grow a powerful team here rather than outsourcing overseas like others within the industry) are created from a strategically planned process that takes into consideration your primary and secondary audience, their needs and wants (through research and analysis of competitors within your industry) and SEO-friendly strategies that bring more traffic and sales to your business through online purchases. It’s all a part of your businesses greater digital marketing campaign process.

The Hack Digital team have built hundreds of websites, from simple landing pages for local businesses needing their contact information available on the internet, right through to websites whose sole presences is online in the eCommerce world. The great thing about creating a website with us is that we include hosting, domain name services and email hosting as well as support and maintenance. This means you can speak directly to our readily available team if you have any troubles with your website, rather than waiting for a large, offshore company to come back with answers after multiple days of problems.

Our team commit to regular research and development of emerging trends and techniques for website design and development, so you don’t have to. It’s what we are passionate about, and our entire ethos for our business is wanting you and your business to dominate your market and succeed as a leader in your field. By working with the Hack Digital team, you and your business are accessing web development professionals who use a suite of software and tools to get you the desired results and ensure you’re meeting all your business goals and objectives.

We don’t only offer Website Design to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Central Coast & Sydney. We work Australia wide! We don’t let borders get in the way of improving your online marketing, we are available for zoom meetings and online consultations always.

What do you receive and achieve with our Newcastle based Web Designs? 

A Stunning Website Design

First and foremost, you receive a stunning visual website that aims to convert and generate sales and leads for your business. Our website designs are beautiful! We highly recommend you check out some of our recent projects. From small Mum and Dad businesses right through to national companies, we’ve got experience in a range of industries already.

A Responsive & Optimised WordPress Website

When you get a website with Newcastle based digital agency Hack Digital, we thoroughly test your page so that no matter who is looking, you will have a professional and clean website that drives action and ultimately conversions of your products and services. Up to 90% of your traffic may be on devices such as phones and tablets, which means that the entire approach to web design has changed in the past ten years, which is why it is vital to be aware and across all the trends and tools of the industry so that regardless of whether your website is being viewed on an iPhone to a 34″ ultra-wide display …. Your website is always going to respond to your audience.

User-Friendly Experience

Before any site, the website and design are finalised with our User Experience (UX) design team, which makes sure that the website will make sense to the user, for them to have an overall enjoyable experience. Depending on your industry you have between two and six seconds to make an impression on your audience and customers, which means it is essential to create a website that is user friendly and for them to have a positive experience throughout the entirety of your website. What we want to make is a website that leads to sales or enquiries for your business and its products and services, because at the end of the day, that’s what any websites ultimate goal and objective should be. With a Hack Digital website, you can be sure to have enquiries and conversions coming your way in no time.

Search Engine Optimised

Upon delivery of your website, we will have created it to be Search Engine Optimised (SEO). A website that is compliant with SEO standards will allow you to have visitors to your website through organic traffic, through the use of keywords and terms that your customers are searching for. Basically, we ensure content on your website is going to lead to better rankings and overall results for your business through the tactics required by Search Engines in the hyperactive digital age. Once your website has been SEO optimised, you will continue, for the most part, to benefit for an extended period. It should be noted that this is a long-term strategy meaning it is a short-term investment for the long term, valuable gain. Results can take anywhere from 3- 12 months, depending on how competitive your industry is online. We offer Google Ads too

Ongoing Website Support & Customer Service

It grinds our gears hugely when we see the company’s invoicing clients to change an image. This is standard but, in our opinion, it is not okay. When you buy a website through Hack Digital, we include reasonable maintenance requests as a part of our Web hosting Newcastle services, from where we are based here in sunny Newcastle, New South Wales. Reasonable is defined as ‘to the average person’… if it is going to take us 10 minutes (such as change an image or wording), you will not receive an invoice from us.