It’s so often we see marketing agencies and the marketing industry try to sell a product that isn’t needed. Not all businesses will benefit from the different services we offer, and we make no apology for being honest about the fact. One thing we can all agree on is that marketing your business is essential. But here you are, and here we are, which means you are probably already aware that there’s a gap in your knowledge or something that has been on the too-hard pile for the past six months (or more). The Hack Digital Marketing Agency Consultancy Newcastle team has educated hundreds of businesses just like yours, making clear images out of often distorted ideas. Every business deserves to have their product or services represented correctly, and we can help you do that. Unlike others in our industry, we will not offer you a service to come ‘have a chat’ or meet the team for an hour. Hack thrive off results, as does your business. Therefore, potential consulting clients must understand that a quality consult requires a relationship.

Newcastle Based Digital Marketing Consultants

  1. We get to know your business. Nobody likes someone who comes in and reinvents the business you have built over the past however long. We’re here to help, and we can’t do that if we don’t understand your business, its people and your products. We develop a clear business strategy which includes an analysis of the business and where it is currently at, analysis and recommendations of current goals, objectives, strategies and KPIs and where you as a business can grow to.

  2. We identify opportunities in your marketing strategy. Hack uses award-winning discovery tools and methods to find out areas where your business is missing the mark or just outright missing opportunities. We then present your business with our findings and recommendations

  3. We help you make meaningful changes and educate you and your staff on how we can capture these missed opportunities or help implement new policies. Sometimes this means telling you what you don’t want to hear, but if you are smart enough to hire Hack for consulting you can most likely see the value in a website that works or ad-spend that gets results.

  4. After the invoice settles, many tech companies disappear. The reality is that through step 1-3 we’ve probably grown fond of your business and hopefully each other. Good digital marketing means regular monitoring and tweaks. The same way as you get a health check-up, so too should your business.

We are a result’s driven marketing consultancy agency, for this reason after our initial analysis of your business we may decide you will benefit from one or multiple digital, creative or communication strategies. Some of these strategy services include things like SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Lead Generation methods and a range of other strategies to grow your business.