Case Study




Google Ads


Newcastle, NSW

Civico is a family owned business in Newcastle and has been around since 1967. When we began working with Civico they had little organic presence on Google and weren’t utilising the Google Ads platform. We first conducted an extensive competitor analysis in the Newcastle area and keyword research in order to determine areas of improvement.

After identifying the pages to improve we implemented a wide range of highly searched keywords and began improving page load speed by compressing images and moving the website to a high speed server. We then began working extensively to generate quality backlinks, which we continue to do each month.

After optimising the website we created the Google Ads campaign, a subsequent 2 months of monitoring the campaign and making daily changes saw a 100% increase in conversions compared to the first month.

The results to the right indicate the percentage increases just 2 months after the inception of our work.

Increases after 2 months.

Organic Users 54%
Paid Conversions 100%
All Conversions 42%

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